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ATS Consulting
ATS Consulting specialises in advising automation strategies. ATS Consultants share industry best practices, lean manufacturing thinking, and pragmatic experience with customers to optimise production and business processes. Technology, supplier and product independency, combined with a focus on customer needs, leads to optimal system design or product advice.

ATS Consultants specialise in advising the best technical, business integration and IT strategies for all levels of the automation pyramid covering control, execution and information systems. Improvement schemes can be provided to achieve optimal equipment availability, quality and performance. Years of experience in designing and building communication and network architectures make ATS Consultants ideal partners for advice about connectivity infrastructure.

Lean, Six Sigma, Quality & MES Consulting and Solutions

ATS Consultants are fully up-to-date with the latest industrial, process and IT technologies. We perform intensive customer-specific assessments and advise on your unique requirements. Every request is handled individually and the consultants meetings form an important part of the activities at ATS. Our objective is to clarify uncertainties and offer affordable, standard, repeatable systems. Our advice takes into account future developments and the need to protect the value of your investments. Future changes and extensions need to be carried out at the lowest cost possible. Recommendations and project specifications often lead to significant improvements in the efficiency, quality and reliability of customer production and business processes.

Following design and implementation our consultants can show how the right information, delivered to the right person at the right time will lead to improved decision making and a significant return on investment. Real-time information, self directed teams, rapid response techniques, overall equipment effectiveness, six sigma and lean manufacturing are all techniques our consultants can apply to deliver real benefit to our customers.

ATS Consultants analyse some of the most complex elements of manufacturing execution systems and processes.

Manufacturing Execution Systems - The 11 Elements

  • Data collection and acquisition
  • Performance analysis
  • Process management
  • Document control
  • Resource allocation and status
  • Maintenance management
  • Operations/detail scheduling
  • Dispatching production units
  • Labour management
  • Quality management
  • Product tracking and genealogy

Control and Data Acquisition

  • Controls Architecture
  • Communication Architecture

Business Processes linked to the MES and Controls Architecture

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product/Process Engineering
  • Sales and Service Management

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