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ATS ADOS: Smart Decision Making

Suite of applications for Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

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ATS Inspect: Quality Inspection Software

用ATS Inspect能显著的降低报废, 返工, 数据收集以及纸式作业. 众多不同行业以及应用可配置化. 基于网络的报告以及事件短信Web based reporting and event messaging.

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ATS CM4D: Quality Validation Software

ATS CM4D填补了生产制造领域中计算机虚拟设计和现实世界之间的空白. 它突出了几何设计特点和已生产类目中'已建造' 数据的不同.

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ATS Intelligence: Real Manufacturing OEE

ATS Intelligence 能使您收集在您生产制造流程中计算OEE所需要的数据.

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ATS Bus: Manufacturing Service Bus

Communicate between all of your systems, no matter what type of data they’re using.

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ATS SPC: Statistical Process Control

Real-time statistical process control and precision measurement system for use in manufacturing.

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ATS ADOS: Door Closure Quality System

check overall dimensional body performance by measuring gap, flush, door closing velocity and force

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ATS Andon: Visualize your Plant-Floor Reports

Get advanced manufacturing analytical reports on-line and on-screen.

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ATS Flexair Flowmeter

ATS Flexair Flowmeter
Air / Electronic Instruments for Accurate Miniature Hole Measurement in a range of materials from Rubber and Plastic to Composite and Metal. User Friendly, Fast and Accurate are main attributes to this system. The Tri-coloured column display gives instant feed-back on pass/fail to nominal settings. >>>

ATS MI Data Pro Client

ATS MI Data Pro Client
Completing the ATS MI Client Range, the MI Data Pro Client offers customers Intel® Core 2 Duo performance in a client foot-print that is less than 50mm larger than the Intel® Atom based ATS MI Data Client! >>>

ATS MI Data Client

ATS MI Data Client
Our range of industrial-grade fan-less computer systems based on the energy efficient Intel Atom CPU. Their sealed fan-less design prevent the harming effects of dust and dirt from inhibiting the performance on these systems. >>>


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