Application Packaging and Virtualization

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Application Packaging and Virtualization

Application Virtualisation

Your applications are offered to the users virtually. There is no installation required locally.

Package Process

Simply stated, you can consider packaging as packing, moving and unpacking the software again. And just as with a moving company, everything is arranged for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Package Portal

Real-time insight of where your application is within our process. Intake, completely driven by workload and its role. Extensive reports.

Solutions for migrating and managing your Applications

ATS Teconomy is the specialist in scripting and re-packaging applications and systems. We deliver this expertise on a project basis, but we also carry out fixed price projects in our own package-line.

ATS Teconomy guarantees that at least 90% of the packages are accepted during the first delivery. In addition, we guarantee 100% correct operation of the packages within an agreed period, at no extra cost.

QPS Advantages:

  • Delivery of a standard MSI / App-V / snapshot package at a fixed amount
  • No surprises in the cost
  • Modular design, only buy what you need
  • Short lead times

QPS Phasing:

ATS Teconomy has broken down the packaging process into bite-sized chunks, thereby enabling you to specify which components will or won’t be outsourced to ATS Teconomy:

  • Phase 1: Intake & Compliance
  • Phase 2: Packaging
  • Phase 3: Acceptance
  • Phase 4: Maintenance

Package Line

ATS Teconomy works with a virtual package line. This ensures that all relevant parties can work through the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) principle from any location. Our package line is accessible through the package portal via the internet and suitable for most common devices. We also use our own developed app. Intakes, exchange of packages, reports… everything happens in real-time.

Quality Packaging Service

Working applications are essential for your business. Using a project-based and phased approach the applications are made clear, documented and eventually packaged in accordance with industry standards. The process is fully tailored to your organisation. This gives your organisation control over license management, version control and change management, resulting in a decrease in the cost of ownership.

The QPS Conceptual Model

ATS Teconomy Application Packaging and Virtualization The QPS Conceptual Model EN

The Result

QPS delivers high quality customer specific packages according to industry standards that save you time and money in a "ready to deploy" format.

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